Hi 👋 I'm Tiffany

A designer based in New York City🗽 with a passion about visual systems, user experience, and digital services. I focus on conveying both human and business needs into design with clarity and sophistication.

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, raised in Seoul, I landed in New York to pursue design. I graduated from Parsons School of Design in May 2021, with a BFA in Communication Design & a minor in Creative Entrepreneurship where I worked across disciplines using visual communication, motion graphics, and product design. By minoring in Creative Entrepreneurship, I gained a business perspective in approaching design by learning financial, strategic, and design thinking methods. I did a semester abroad in Paris 🥐 where I expanded my knowledge in global marketing, different ways of living, and humans in general.

Previous Experience
I have interned at Wix as a Web Designer, worked at Zara as a Sales Associate, and taught Art and Design to high school students in Seoul.

As a person I am
An Ambivert ⟶ I love working in teams and meeting new people with a good balance of some alone time.

Curious about many things ⟶ Curiosity and discomfort are the biggest inspirations for my passion for designing systems that make people’s lives easier.

Interested in minimizing digital burnout ⟶ My current interest is in designing gratifying digital experience with digital wellbeing in mind.

Some interesting facts
1. Unlike most people, I got to travel the most in 2020, experiencing lockdown/quarantine in 4 different countries 🙃

2. Initially I studied classical painting 👩🏻‍🎨 and fashion design 🪡 to learn about the fundamentals of form and function and visual representation of concepts based on history.

3. This website is coded by me!