Chanjoo Tiffany Park


Mobile application making relocation across countries easier by generating a collection of customized local apps.

Branding, Digital Product Design



Mobile Service Design

Project type
Individual Project

Project imeframe
2 month, 2020 Fall

Software used
Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator

How might we make relocation easier?

Pain Points

➜ Inconvenience while relocating across countries and cities.

➜ Having to research, adapt and switch to new systems in order to continue one's lifestyle when moving to a new country.

➜ Difficulty in keeping up with trends in apps and software platforms when relocating back to origin country.

I want a service that can help me easily switch mobile platforms based on location when I move back and forth between different cities!


A mobile platform that serves as a switch for applications when relocating, generating a collection of customized local apps.

Key Features

1. converts applications across different cities

2. localizes utility apps from user's origin city to destination city

3. provides a list of applications that delivers the similar service

4. generates according to the user’s habits prior to relocating

User Persona

Demographical User Groups

• Gen Zs and Millennials
• Digital nomads
• Expatriates residing in metropolis
• Exchange/study abroad students
• International students
• Buyer or merchant
• International business person


• Has to relocate across countries and cities due to work or education
• visiting a different country for a certain period



Interactive Prototype